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Project Management

Let Visual-Optics apply its knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to the specific tasks your project requires.



Why would Research be necessary?

Occasionally clients request integration with existing technologies or third party applications, but aren't sure about the ramifications to their current or planned project. This is where Research is used to investigate solutions, install demo programs, libraries, or plugins, and analyze software to make the best possible solution. If your interested in bringing a new idea to life, without understanding how it may work, and our team hasn't dealt with it before, then Research into what can be done and how, will be essential for the project to move forward.

Please give us some details on what research is needed on your project.

Environment Details

Software Details

Web Examples



Other References



Drawings, Wire Frames, Site Maps, Layouts, Flow Diagrams, and other Forms of Documentation

Here we give you the tools you need to provide us with anything that represents your project's idea. When projects are started from the ground up, having an idea of what is expected is essential. Please provide us with your napkin drawings, notes, layout ideas, and anything else you may feel is necessary.


3D Modeling

Polygons, NURBS, Subdivisions, Vertices, Edges, Faces, Triangles, Quads, N-Gons, Normals, Digital Sculpting

We don't expect you to know what any of the above terminology is, let Visual-Optics take care of that understanding for you and deliver you a 3D Model of your product, logo, or other project needs. Note that a 3D Model is simply a representation of points and lines which create surfaces, which make up a 3D Shape. This 3D Model is gray to start with, before unwrapping, texturing, materials, or lighting ever come in, and is the starting point to any 3D Requirements.

Does Your Project Need One Or More 3D Models Created?

What Type Of 3D Model(s) Do You Need Created?

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3D Unwrapping

UV Unwrapping, Seam Planning, Custom UV Mapping, Material Creation, Texture Creation

After you have a 3D Model, you generally want to apply a 2D Image (like a photo of wood) to your 3D Model, this process is referred to as "UV Unwrapping", or "UV Mapping". The easiest way to understand this concept is to think of wrapping a sticker around all outward facing surfaces of a cardboard box with the least amount of stickers (1 in this simple case). You would need to cut your 2D sticker into a plus or cross, then set your box in the center, and wrap the sticker up the sides of the box, being sure to align the cut edges to the best of your ability. This same problem exists in 3D, and on more complex 3D Models than just a box, and can be overcome by means of what is called "Custom UV Mapping". Leave this complex concept in the hands of the professionals at Visual-Optics, and we will provide a 3D Model which is ready to be custom textured.

Does Your Project Need A 3D Model UV Unwrapped?

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Already Have Model(s) That Visual-Optics Did NOT Create, That Need UV Unwrapping? Press The Plus To Add An Item


3D Rigging

Joints, Driven Keys, Blend Shapes, Inverse Kinematics (IK), Forward Kinematics (FK), Control Curves, Constraints, Deformers, Skinning, Weight Painting, Facial Rigging

Often one of the most complex steps in the 3D Industry, the 3D Rigging step is a pre-animation step, and allows designers the ability to manipulate a 3D Model with ease and without actually breaking the original model. You can image this step as giving a model artificial bones, muscles, skin, and external controls for specific manipulation requirements.

Does Your Project Require A 3D Model To Be Rigged?

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Already Have Model(s) That Visual-Optics Did NOT Create, That Need Rigging? Press The Plus To Add An Item


3D Animation

Keyframing, Posing, Line of Actions, Blocking, Inbetweens, Breakdowns, Timeline, Twinning, Frame Rate, Moving Holds, Polish Pass, Gimbal Lock, Breaking Joints, Squash & Stretch, Dynamics

The second most complex step in the 3D Industry, is the 3D Animation step, which allows animators the ability to take a rigged 3D Model and pose it in various ways, which represent the peak moments of a line of action, and setting key frames at specific points of the timeline to represent these movements. Animators then breakdown these animations and handle things like blocking,, twinning, and the inbetween poses needed to make the animation more fluid. Before making a final polish pass, adding in moving holds for realism and emotion, or breaking joints & squash and stretch for a cartoon feel, or even adding in real world dynamic forces to help bring the animation to life. And finally producing a final animation sequence, which can be added to a scene later and / or rendered to a final product.

Does Your Project Require 3D Animation?

What Are The 3D Animation Requirements For This Project?


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About Visual-Optics

Hi, My Name Is Casey Childers, I Am The Founder Of Visual-Optics.

I have been providing all of the above services for over 15 years under the Visual-Optics name. As of 2017, Visual-Optics will be a well oiled machine, which will be able to take your project from pre-conception to final-production and beyond to future-versions in no time at all. Here at Visual-Optics, no project is delivered to the Client without me explicitly testing and correcting any detail I need to to ensure your happiness. I strive to provide a well rounded service through Visual-Optics, so if there is anything you do not see here that you are in need of, please get in touch with us anyway, and we will be more than happen to find a solution to your requirements. I strongly encourage the use of this quoting system, as it helps dial in the cost it will take to create your custom project, and provides our Project Managers tools to better fine tune your quote before you ever check out and start the project. This ensures that you will get the best available price quote for your project, as you will have a full year to redeem your quote and start your project, allowing you to research what other companies would charge you.

We strive to make custom project creation as easy and painless as possible for you. I invite you to hire Visual-Optics as an extension to your team. If you find that you are running into any problem with Visual-Optics and your Project, please feel free to contact me directly at casey-childers@visual-optics.com

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