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Good communication is the backbone of any project in this industry, please start by introducing yourself:

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Project Management

Let Visual-Optics apply its knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to the specific tasks your project requires.



Why would Research be necessary?

Occasionally clients request integration with existing technologies or third party applications, but aren't sure about the ramifications to their current or planned project. This is where Research is used to investigate solutions, install demo programs, libraries, or plugins, and analyze software to make the best possible solution. If your interested in bringing a new idea to life, without understanding how it may work, and our team hasn't dealt with it before, then Research into what can be done and how, will be essential for the project to move forward.

Please give us some details on what research is needed on your project.

Environment Details

Software Details

Web Examples



Other References


Site Strategy

Visual-Optics' Site Strategy involves analyzing business goals for a project and coming up with an effective plan to achieve those goals.

Please, tell us the reason for your project.

The Main Reason for this project is

And what goals are you hoping to achieve?

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Drawings, Wire Frames, Site Maps, Layouts, Flow Diagrams, and other Forms of Documentation

Here we give you the tools you need to provide us with anything that represents your project's idea. When projects are started from the ground up, having an idea of what is expected is essential. Please provide us with your napkin drawings, notes, layout ideas, and anything else you may feel is necessary.



We Also Do Photography & Videography!

Sometimes projects in this industry require real photo's to be taken to ensure you are the owner of the copyright on all components of the bigger project. At Visual-Optics we have dedicated teams of photographers and videographers which help produce high quality pieces no matter where you are, which will be used in the final project whether Motion Production or in Design & Development.

Have a look at some of the great pieces produced from Visual-Optics.

Does Your Project Need Photography?

Does Your Project Need Videography?


2D Design

Color Theory, Use of Lines, Shapes, Texture, Scalable Vector Graphics, Grids

When a project requires 2D images to be created for a website, a video, a logo, business card, etc. Visual-Optics will do what ever it takes to produce the requested image, from using Real Photo's to creating Computer Generated Images, we can accommodate any 2D Design requirements for your project.

Does Your Project Need Something Designed In 2D?

What Type Of 2D Design Image Do You Need Created?

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Logo Design

The utilization of a graphic design program for the development of a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) generally from an Abstract Design Drawing or Logo Idea Notes

Does Your Project Need A Logo Designed?



All Web Based Projects Need To Be Hosted Somewhere If Not On A Local Network, What Better Place Than Visual-Optics!

Visual-Optics offers exclusive hosting packages to our Clients for their Projects, including a Development as well as a Production environment to ensure development does not affect your end users who use your project, as well as for version control & backup of all projects. Even if you already have a Production server, Visual-Optics will offer a Development space for your project free of charge to keep the security of your Production environment from being compromised.


Basic Development

The Use Of Custom HTML, CSS, and Basic jQuery.

Visual-Optics will build as many pages as you need with as many designs & components as your project needs which do not use server side code. This includes buidling custom views, or templates which do not house dynamic data (outside of javascript). Also this does not include complex javascript plugin or library creations, only Basic jQuery DOM Manipulation.

Please Select Which Platform You Wish To Develop This Project On


Advanced Development

The Creation Of Custom PHP & Classes, APIs, Libraries, Custom Javascript, jQuery Plugins, Wordpress Themes & Plugins, Custom Laraval, Encryption & Security.

Visual-Optics Can Build Anything! If it does not fall in the Basic Development skill, then it is most likely an Advanced Development need. Note that if you are looking for Custom Software, SAAS, API, or Website to be built, you are in the right place! We offer the ability to build custom theme's and plugins for Wordpress, or Larvel, as well as pure PHP & Server Command Line based solutions. If it is possible, our Project Managers will figure it out, and provide you with abstracts long before this step is started, so you will not waste your money or time having something built only to find that a crucial step will not work as assumed.

If You Know What Languages Are Required, Please Select Them.


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About Visual-Optics

Hi, My Name Is Casey Childers, I Am The Founder Of Visual-Optics.

I have been providing all of the above services for over 15 years under the Visual-Optics name. As of 2017, Visual-Optics will be a well oiled machine, which will be able to take your project from pre-conception to final-production and beyond to future-versions in no time at all. Here at Visual-Optics, no project is delivered to the Client without me explicitly testing and correcting any detail I need to to ensure your happiness. I strive to provide a well rounded service through Visual-Optics, so if there is anything you do not see here that you are in need of, please get in touch with us anyway, and we will be more than happen to find a solution to your requirements. I strongly encourage the use of this quoting system, as it helps dial in the cost it will take to create your custom project, and provides our Project Managers tools to better fine tune your quote before you ever check out and start the project. This ensures that you will get the best available price quote for your project, as you will have a full year to redeem your quote and start your project, allowing you to research what other companies would charge you.

We strive to make custom project creation as easy and painless as possible for you. I invite you to hire Visual-Optics as an extension to your team. If you find that you are running into any problem with Visual-Optics and your Project, please feel free to contact me directly at casey-childers@visual-optics.com

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